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Ben Sutton's stunning Orbit Vases

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Every time we receive a new Orbit Vase by Ben Sutton, I feel like I just need a moment to stop and look in awe. This is craftsmenship at the highest level, testament to Ben's career-defining passion for and exceptional skills in porcelain. The material is given centre stage and in return it appears to go above and beyond.


Unsurprisingly these pieces are often snapped up as soon as we receive them - another reason why I have to take the time to enjoy them while I can. I usually take a little more time getting their beautifully smooth sanded surfaces positioned ready to wrap before letting them go.


This brand new Orbit Vase by Ben has just arrived for our Winter Exhibition. I would recommend heading to our website now for the first look through this new collection which also includes some of his highly listed after moonjars and jugs. All will be also on display in the gallery when we reopen on the 2nd - open everyday from then until 23rd December.



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