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Cicily Peers - 2021 winner of Thrown Contemporary Ceramics Award at New Designers

Thrilled to announce that the winner of this year's Thrown Contemporary Ceramics Award at @newdesigners is... Cicily Peers.


Cicily is a graduate from Manchester School of Art's 3D Design course and her work explores the boundaries between the mass-produced and the handmade. This collection takes inspiration from the architecture of St Davids Cathedral, in particular the medieval encaustic floor tiles.


Cicely's work is a stand-out example of how innovative machine processes can be used to re-interpret and re-invent-in the case of her work literally adding another dimension to what's around us. These pieces have a presence which contains within it not only Cicely's inspiring eye for detail but also her homage to the craftsman who have in turn inspired her. We are excited to see more of where such a mastery and refinement of these processes will take her - and in her exploration of place using these techniques, where she will take us too.


Very much looking forward to working together on a special showcase of Cicely's work for early 2022.



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