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A real sense of anticipation: Carolyn Tripp's new collection

There's always a real sense of anticipation with a new collection by Carolyn Tripp, a first encounter with pieces which you know are going to keep drawing you in.


This bottle, titled 'For You' - this alone making you lean in that little bit closer - is a stand-out with that red flower against the strong blue. I find myself savouring this first reaction as I just know as I move my eyes further around there'll be another detail waiting for me to find. And then someone will point out another. And just a little turn and I'll uncover another...


View Carolyn's full new collection on our website now via the link in our bio. There are a few images to give you a feel for each piece but rest assured you can spend a lifetime with these pieces and still find a new way of looking at them.


The work will also be available to view in the gallery as soon as they arrive through our door. If you're making a special trip, message ahead and we'll confirm as soon as they have arrived.



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