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A lot more joy to come

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

A stack of 'Colour Me Bright' Plates by Clementina van der Walt, ready for our Summer Show launch this Thursday.

I always joke that I could put Clementina's work in a closed cupboard in a gallery and someone would still point it out, always such a point of gravitation. It's no surprise, of course. You can immediately see how every single piece has an impact, and then there's this impact on mass. These are pieces of sheer joy, colour singing out of their bold, painterly surfaces, and who wouldn't want to find that.

I can't wait to show everything together on Thursday. Open physically at our pop-up at the Barn at Great Polgrain Farm, Caerhays, Cornwall, 12-6pm and virtually via our website at 7pm. There's a lot more joy to come.



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