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FT Weekend select: Renata Cassiana Alvarez at Collect

Updated: Jul 10

What do you love about working in ceramics?

Renata Cassiano Alvarez: 'I love the possibilities and the space for play that it offers. I love how flexible it is and how it records everything. Clay has an expansive memory, it keeps all the movements we make with it, around it, and on it. I love all the languages it speaks. Clay is a multilingual material, and step by step I am learning how to better communicate with it and through it. It represents an invitation to grounding ourselves and opens a passage where we are able to reach an understanding of ourselves. I use ceramics as a vehicle to ask questions about process, time, labor, and meaning, pushing to expand my vocabulary and comprehension of all these concepts.'

One of the questions (and the resulting answers) put to Renata Cassiano Alvarez for her feature in the FT Weekend, as part of their article with their 'six makers to watch out for' at Collect.



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