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Village Raw feature our Supper Clubs

Updated: May 1, 2019

A big thank you to Village Raw for featuring our supper clubs in their newest issue. Writer Carla Parks joined us at our last dinner and so beautifully manages to tell the story of the evening with artist Tom Kemp at the table and Fabulous698b doing what they do best in our extraordinary make-shift kitchen. I particularly enjoyed the ghost reference and the last paragraph about a friendship formed over red wine made me laugh out loud. Village Raw’s latest issue will be available to pick up for free in the gallery soon or so you don’t have to search for a copy of this fantastic local magazine again (and more importantly support them in what they do), why not become a subscriber. The editors David and Luciane really do do the most amazing job with this publication which I have been such a fan of since it launched a year ago. Featuring stories from Crouch End, East Finchley, Highgate, Muswell Hill and surrounding areas, they bring out the creativity, community and uniqueness of these areas in a way that is truly eye-opening - plus done with incredible photography and eye for design. And talking about incredible photography, thank you to Emily Manos Photography for the featured photos including the one shown here which has to be my favourite so far from any supper club - Shannon Bartlett-Smith toasting the table at our Leach Pottery supper club last September. Looking forward to Fabulous698b arriving this afternoon ready for our next supper club for our current show ‘On The Edge Of The Light’ this evening. Following this, our next supper club will be Friday 31st May and tickets are already booking online.




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