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Starting 2019

On the run up to the London Art Fair, my weeks were filled with studio visits, phone calls and emails with our eight selected artists discussing new collections for the stand. The majority of work on show was created especially for the fair, a chance to preview ideas that were being worked on for our 2019 exhibitions, glimpses of what’s to come. The resulting work created a stand that represented exactly the gallery I have always wanted this to be. Our inclusion in the London Art Fair came about while I was trying to finalise plans for 2019. Curating a stand gave the opportunity to step back (and out) from the gallery and think about what we had become in just 10 months - the notebook with my first scribbles of ideas is still here on my desk. The shows we have to come are based around making you want to explore, making you want to see more and making you want to see from every angle - whether it’s in the form of ceramics, paintings, sculpture, textiles or whichever medium our artists have chosen.

We will be constantly updating our exhibition page with announcements as they become finalised - I just thought I’d leave these thoughts here in the meantime...



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