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The altar of nature

I love the thought of this corner of 'The Wild Collective' at OmVed Gardens as the altar of nature.

Yangdzom Lama's 'Cosmic Octopus' floats at the centre of the space, a hand-embroidered teaching in interconnectedness and empathy. Anna Skladmann's immersive chromogenic print 'Blackberry' seems to glow from the side, while in this case rather than stained glass, light flows through translucent berries and on to soft petal edges to give a feeling of the sublime. And not to mention Maria Roy Deulofeu's 'Hollow Earth Vase', formed by local clay, stones, glass, metal, debris and ashes sourced from her own back garden, standing like a trophy of the ground.

You can dive into the unique stories behind these pieces and the full exhibition via 'The Wild Collective exhibition website plus to see visit info to come and see for yourself for the final week of 'The Wild Collective' (13th - 29th May), a collaborative exhibition with OmVed Gardens and Metafluer.



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