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Winter Exhibition Focus: Ermioni Rammou

In her creative practice Ermioni Rammou uses chaos, randomness, repetition and marks as the main elements of her expressive language. Inspired by the random effects and marks that smoke creates on the surface of clay, her work uses a variety of clay bodies to explore this, many meticulously burnished and low-fired to create the perfect canvas for the smoke firing process. The smoke is captured, absorbed in the surface, imprinting the firing processes.

Her textile ceramic art pieces resemble webs - multiple smoke-fired tiles, repetitive unique elements, are stitched together to create a flow of marks, tone and pattern.

This beautiful balance of chaos and order is then released from the hands of the artist, as each piece, each 'web', is created with variability. There can be infinite visual versions of the same exhibit. Everyone can give a different dimension. Everyone can be part of the creative process. A transmitter and receiver game, eliminating the role of the artist “ viewer".



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