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Winter Exhibition Focus: 'Female Hustler' by Luisa Hermanns

'My whole life I was creating, sometimes losing sight of it, but always coming back to it. When being pregnant last year I ordered 10 kgs of clay - for the first time in my life. And it was love at first sight. I really enjoy working with this magical material that is so versatile and lovely. I'm so happy to just go with the flow, not planning anything specific, just watching my hands cooperating with the clay. It not only brings great joy but a very important balance and calmness to a very stressful life.' Luisa Hermanns


'Female Hustler' by Luisa Hermanns (in image) is part of a group of new works just added in to our online Winter Exhibition.

This is a piece you'll be forever getting to know, its title as intriguing as its surface. How wonderful to have objects in your life which are there for you to interact with, their function the complete distraction of texture, shape and shadow. A moment of headspace in a 3d form.



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