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S I M O N   A L L E N

These works take their inspiration from the dormant time just preceding the new seasons growth, a turning point in the axis of the seasonal cycle. These are references to the cliffs and moorlands of the Cornish coast, where Simon lives, with a neutral palette of pale hues and off whites, suggesting the bleached moorland grasses after the dormant winter.


In this context, the use of white is a natural Tabula Rasa, the colour of new beginnings and new possibilities.

Simon Allen has an international reputation for his unique carved and gilded wall sculptures, and his works feature in many prestigious locations, as well as numerous private collections. This is the first exhibition of his ceramic work.

Simon's new collection of bowls have been thrown on the wheel, and then manipulated into asymmetric forms. The undulations rim is the primary focus, a rhythmic line in space, its organic pulse shifting as the viewer moves around it.

G A L L E R Y   C O L L E C T I O N

M O R E   I M A G E S

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