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16th Nov 23 - 28th Jan 24

We would like to dedicate this year's Winter Exhibition to ambition. Formed by an open call, this annual online exhibition was set up to use this platform that we've built over the last 6 years to give focus to as much creativity as we can possibly can; to make the most of the vase space that an online exhibition can give and bring together so much more than we ever could in a physical show.

As always, we are so thankful to every artist who has applied to be part of this, who has wanted to be part of it, as its this drive to apply that makes this exhibition so strong, a definite highlight of our year.

This year's Winter Exhibition is our biggest yet - ambition or perhaps over excitement on our side. Featuring over 170 artists and makers, bringing together this collection is our opportunity to nurture new names and join in on the excitement of known ones. 

This years exhibition is not only our largest but also our most in-depth with artist Q&As. These can currently be found dotted amongst the artist information in our listings but which we will use to add to this exhibition with individual artist focuses (coming soon).

Also coming soon are our curated collections - smaller collections selected from the work in our Winter Exhibition, curated around a certain theme. For these and the above we will update this page every Thursday - a reason to keep returning we hope.

But for now, we hope you enjoy looking through this impressive collection. A great opportunity to dive straight in and enjoy discovering just as we have done since the open call deadline just a few weeks ago.