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Experiments & Ambitions

This year has been quite an experimental year. Yes, I realise we’re not quite there yet but we’re somehow getting ready for the opening of our final curated show tomorrow (before our big mixed Christmas show) so we can’t help but look back and be amazed at how time has flown. We gave ourselves the aim of giving our initial 10 months (March-December) everything we had, putting together an impassioned series of shows that spanned functional work through to fine art and all of the undefined areas in between, to see how you all responded - if you responded at all... And wow. What a start. We’ve been so lucky to be able to work with some incredible names as well as being able to give a platform for notable new talent which together appears to have got you all talking (and we can’t say thanks enough to all of you who have told your friends about us and helped spread the word - being told that someone recommended someone to come and see the gallery is really the best thing we could hear). For those who have missed any of our many first shows this year, we represent work by our gallery artists within a permanent collection that you can view on our website, on rotation in the gallery or by request at any time. Our highly ambitious first year has developed all of our initial ideas into the representation of an impressive group of artists (even if we do say so ourselves) and with this a whole host of new ideas for things to come...

Image above: Three Circles, Slab-built, engobe layers, slips, glazes, by Craig Underhill



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