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Verity Howard_Lattice2_Alternative View3_Black Stoneware Clay and Coloured Slips_H22cm x W


This curated collection, part of our online Winter Exhibition 23/24, brings together a selection of artwork responding to place. From new experiences to where we belong, each artist in this collection seeks to capture an element of a place that means something to them, objects and canvas that are able to transport you.

"The journey I chose as inspiration was one I had made many times as a child up - a winding path up a steep mountain side in the alps. As the road climbed higher the glacier covered mountains on the opposite side of the valley came into view. These mountains always held a fascination for me - we were able to observe them as the snow coverage grew and receded with the seasons."

Barbara Sulzberger

Winter edited-197.jpg

"I'm renting a small room inside ArtHub Studio Woolwich. The building is located by the river and the best way to commute to it for me is walking or cycling. When I cycle by the river bank to the studio,  I look at reflections on the water, shadows from old piers, dark brick walls of industrial buildings. And this is where inspiration to my brutal minimalistic black and white objects came from."


Olga Kudryavtseva

Marek Pitera. Continuity, 5.JPG

Most of the pieces include blends of stoneware bodies with local London Clay, hand prospected from the vicinity of the studio, which is used to create a physical link between the work and its place of creation and for the particular richness and subtlety of tone this material provides. Each piece is unique, being based on a single and unrepeated moment of inspiration."

Marek Pitera

"In  late 2019 I moved from my studio in Camden  to my current  studio  in High Barnet on the edge of London  6 months before the pandemic hit.  The studio is located very  close to ancient woodland “Hadley Woods” . During this period I continued to utilise the above techniques (which I describe as figurative expressionist / action painting) and  inspired by the nature around me, began to move into the  theme of trees." 


"As my work is about capturing the etherial in energy and movement, I am fascinated to capture  the peaceful feeling and effect of the seasons experienced when walking through woodland."


"I often go into the woods to make studies in Plein Aire (see gouache paintings ‘Explosion’ and ‘Autumn Dusk’), as well as  the use of photography to  inspire the production of larger paintings in my studio."


Beverley Isaacs

Explosion_Gouache on Hahnemu hle paper_32 x 24 cm_£195.jpg

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"Just outside Paris, where I live, millstone houses dominate the landscape. And yet, there are pockets of nature to be found from trees whose blossoms colour the streets pink or white in spring, and a little while later little explosions of red dot a background of urban yellow and beige: poppies that pop up wherever they want. I capture these little niches of nature in an urban setting in a vessel of black stoneware."

Jeanette Nguyen

"My work draws on my life experience as a child of Jamaican parents, growing up in inner city Bristol. I create ceramic art that is provocative, subversive, playful and humorous. I want to test interpretations of the present day, whilst producing tangible objects that contain a certain beauty and references a past."

"The ceramic milk bottles are adorned with my illustrations – a contemporary twist on the Willow Pattern - depicting scenes and people in my neighbourhood."

Claudette Forbes